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We pride ourselves in our sipping menu with an expansive selection of tequilas and mezcals. Our curated list of premium tequilas and mezcals is the culmination of travel and cultural experiences by our owner, Aaron Barnes. 

We offer a tailored experience for tequila tasting for small groups - contact us to find out more. 

Feature Tequilas and Flights 

El Tequileno Platinum 12
El Tequileno Grand Reserva Reposado 13
El Tequileno Anejo 22
El Tequileno Cristalino 16
El Tequileno Reposado Rare 61
Madre Mezcal 14

Flights of Tequila
El Tequileno Flight 48
Anejo Flight 67



Cascahuin Blanco 12
black pepper, citrus, grass

Cascahuin 48 Still Strength 13
mint, green agave, cilantro, raw walnuts

Cascahuin Tahona 22
white pepper, citrus leaves, orange blossom, green agave

El Tequileno Blanco 9
green agave, orange zest

El Tequileno Platinum 12
spearmint, banana, cinnamon, citrus peel

Fortaleza Blanco 19
sweet cooked agave, salinity, black pepper, minerality

Herradura Silver 13
Cooked agave, wood, oak

El Tesoro Blanco 13
agave, minerality, white pepper, vanilla, citrus

Clase Azul Plata 36
vanilla, caramel, and high notes of orange

Arette Reposado 19
cooked agave, light oak, butterscotch, whiskey, baking spices

Cascahuin Reposado 14
oak, cloves, cinnamon, ripe banana, licorice

El Tequileno Reposado 9
honey, oak, warm grass

El Tequileno Grand Reserva 13
caramelized agave, raw cocoa, vanilla, slight florality, light oak

El Tequileno Reposado Rare 61
piloncillo, candied ginger, meyer lemon, very light oak

El Tesoro Reposado 15
agave, light smoke, butterscotch, toasted oak

Herradura Reposado 14
spice, vanilla, wood, cinnamon

Tres Generaaciones Reposado 15
spice, oak, herbs, agave

Clase Azul Reopsado 62

maple, butter, butterscotch, vanilla, honey, cinnamon spice

Cascahuin Anejo 16
earth, toasted oak, cooked agave, grass

El Tequileno Anejo 22
dried apples and cherries, cooked agave, vanilla,
pink peppercorns, butterscotch

El Tesoro Anejo 18
oak, vanilla with caramel, soft aging notes, cooked agave

Roca Patron Anejo 23
oak, vanilla, raisin, honey

Herradura Anejo 15
oak, nut aromas, sweet fruit

1800 Anejo 15
oak, fruit, vanilla

Tres Generaaciones Anejo 16
brown sugar, oak, agave

Rooster Rojo Anejo 15
honey, apricot, dark chocolate, spice, cherry

NODO Blanco 9
cashews, mint, white pepper

NODO Reposado 9
cocoa, spice, brioche

Extra Anejo
Adictivo Extra Anejo 22
honey, caramel, agave, oak, dried fruit, sweetness

Clase Azul Extra Anejo 155
toasted oak, fresh fig, green olives, dark chocolate, caramel

Madre Mezcal 14
sweet, pepper, chalky, salty

Union Mezcal 14
sweet, fruity, smoky, herbs, wood

Montelobos 12
citrus, basil, fig, macadamia, truffle

El Occidental 12
Earthy, salinity, agave, cherry

Leyendas Maguey Verde 23
sweet, minerality, smoky

400 Conejos 12
wood, sweet notes, cooked agave, smoke

Don Julio 70 21
vanilla, cooked tropical fruit, white pepper, nut, tobacco, oak

Dobel Maestro 15
oak, vanilla, butterscotch, touch of spice

El Tequileno Cristalino 22
cream, cooked agaved, light cinnamon spice, butter,
salted caramel

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